Merchant FAQ

People have been genuinely endorsing products since the first neanderthals shared fire. In this age of consumerism and hyper targeted marketing, product endorsement has become a commodity that has lost all authenticity.

We’re here to find a new-age way to bring it back!

Gooie is a world first public social endorsement platform.

Users of Gooie (endorsers) have public profiles where, among other things, they can publicly endorse products and services. These endorsements link directly to the ecommerce platforms of the product providers (your website)

We believe that a brands best sales people are its loyal customers. It’s often hard to motivate your customers to publicly endorse your product for you. Gooie has a solution for that. Once you’ve signed up on Gooie, any endorser can endorse your product on their profile and get a bit of extra incentive for it. We then go and manage the incentive scheme, the reporting, and any required transfer of money.

Essentially, we will increase your sales and reach.

On top of offering a referral reward, we also ask our brands to offer a discount to the referred customers.

This is what we call our win-win-win mentality. Customers get a discount, you get a sale and the Endorser gets a referral bonus.

No. Your branding and your user experience is your special sauce and we don’t want to mess with that. Endorsers simply send customers to your website with a discount code and we track it through our app.

Your cross, post and up selling funnels are safe :)


Yes! Once you’ve installed our Shopify companion app, any user who is endorsing your brand through a special endorsement link (that incentivises purchases) will be available to you on the endorser analysis section of our website. You can see all types of interesting analytics like how many referrals they’ve had, total sales, average items per sale, conversion percentages etc etc.

If an endorsement leads to a sale through our platform, then you agree to pay that endorser a % of the sale. This percentage is configured by you and applies to all endorsers equally.

Part of our 1 minute on-boarding process is installing our Shopify app. This app tracks gooie-referred customers as they move through and ultimately make purchases on your Shopify site. Once they make a purchase, we get notified and charge you the agreed endorser %.

All your realtime gooie driven sales data is available through the website. It’s the same for the endorsers too, so they know as soon as they’ve made a referred sale.

Gooie is an open platform. That means anyone can endorse anything; it's the premise that creates our authenticity (and therefore gets you sales).

We’d like to think that without Gooie, a person would endorse your brand whether you know it or not. For the serious PR nightmares though we do have some options available ( like banning specific endorsers from endorsing you )


You don’t have to worry about doing any money exchange at all, we handle all of that complexity for you.

When a sale goes through your platform, we use the Shopify App to create Usage Charges. We then use those charges to pay the endorsers. At the end of the day you should get an itemised bill from Shopify in your monthly bills.

Nope. You pay nothing to be on the platform. You pay nothing for people to endorse you. The only time you pay on Gooie is when a sale is made.

We give all of our rewards 30 days minimum before we pay them out. This should give you enough time to handle refunds. As long as you process your refunds through Shopify within that 30 days, we will refund you the charges we initially made.


For every brand that signs up, we will get in contact with you ASAP and organise a testing time at your earliest convenience

Our tech team will can help or link up with your own developers to ensure everything is working smoothly.